The Originals, Our Founders!

Fredrik Svensson

Mia Svensson

We started OriginalPeople together with the goal of creating a fun concept that would put a smile on people's face. We had three key goals in mind which have shaped OriginalPeople into the company that it is today:

Crafted with Love

See what our employees do

Carefully Crafting Your Sticker


My name is Patricia. I'm part of the OP team, doing what I like the most which is to create unique and awesome designs. I consider myself a very creative person and I have always been involved in the world of art. I love to transmit feelings and positive energy through my drawings.

Wrapping Your Order in an Eco-friendly way


My name is Ylenia and I'm from a village near Barcelona. I love nature and sports. I studied audiovisuals and I'm passionate about everything related to art and creativity. At OP I work with production, dealing every day with unique and fascinating products.

Sublimating Your Personalised Design


My name is Ludmila and I'm from Argentina. I'm known for continuously looking for new challenges and I enjoy creating and giving people unique experiences. OP gives me the opportunity to work doing what I love.

Why we do what we do

Our Values


We create original gifts to unique people. With our customisable products you will make people smile!


Every single gift you design is handcrafted by us and checked individually. Each of them is made with 100% love.


We are constantly collaborating with NGOs to give children in developing countries an education. Also we support projects that fight the climate crisis.

Our Roots

The Original Story

Our story begins way back in the summer of 2012 when our founders, Mia & Fredrik, did a roadtrip across the United States. On the American roads they noticed and fell in love with all the family stickers they saw. After moving to Spain early 2013, the wanted to bring this product to the European market, and that is how the journey of OriginalPeople began. Since then, the company has expanded throughout Europe and in its product lines. The fun and personalised designs offered by OriginalPeople are now applicable to many other cool products, such as ceramic mugs, stainless steel water bottles, wine tumblers, etc.